Catalogue Description

Academy capstone experience, innovative projects leading to operational prototypes and viable enterprises, mentored by faculty and industry experts.

This capstone course comprises exploration, experimentation, and self-directed work on projects assigned in Academy courses. The course also includes labs, workshops, demos, and formative and summative critiques that students will propose and help structure. The Garage is a unique state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge technology and mentored support. Students will build skills to develop innovative project proposals and produce operational prototypes. They have access to cutting edge hardware, software and mechanical tools for the production of prototypes, promotional materials and the development of professional presentations. Faculty from a variety of disciplines, industry experts and visionaries, and peer mentors will work with students to help them conceptualize their ideas and test their work with authentic audiences and consumers. Students will have an opportunity to “pitch” their ideas to potential employers, patrons, sponsors, and/or funding entities.

In Garage Experience I, taught in the fall semester, students will focus on in-depth development of multidisciplinary, team-based projects, culminating in a working prototype or finished product, service, or process. In Garage Experience II, taught in the spring semester, students will finalize their projects and will “pitch” their idea to potential employers, patrons, sponsors or funding entities.