1. Good vibe
  2. Understand the generic shape of the course
  3. Understand faculty/advisor/mentor roles
  4. Collect unanswerable (in this moment) questions
Basics: Types of faculty
  • Lead faculty: Ryan, Barth
    • Present for all class sessions, “managing” faculty project advisors, general mentoring, logistics, trouble shooting, instruction
  • Unit Faculty: Barth (4), Ryan (4), Thomas (2), Child (2), Siegel (1)
    • Faculty critique sessions, midterm and final presentations
  • Faculty project advisors: Ryan, Barth, Child, Dent, Thomas, Siegel, Muhl, Shepard
    • Advise one or more team projects, weekly check-ins, milestone meetings, midterm and final presentations
  • Academy mentors: TBA
  • Outside Academy USC mentor: TBA
  • Industry mentor: TBA
Course Features

Check ins, blog, "time sheets," and collegiality
Milestone meetings
Faculty critique
Peer feedback
Individual instruction/consultation
Workshops that move projects forward
Critical issues seminars
Unscheduled changes in plans and visits by outside experts

What are OKRs