Attendance is a professionalism issue. If you are expected at a class session or meeting, you are expected to be there, on time, with full attention, for the entire duration of the session. Serious illness and such is the only reason for an unplanned absence and even then it ought not be an unannounced absence.

A minimal amount of excused absence because of professional obligations will be tolerated but it will be your responsibility to clear it with teammates, advisor, or class instructors, as makes sense, well in advance of the expected absence.

It is your responsibility to track when you are expected to be in class. 100% attendance yields an A, 90-99% a B, under 90% a D.

Your course obligations include participating in all milestone meetings and checking in with your team/advisor in non-milestone weeks. Your attendance grade for the milestone meetings is all or nothing (5=A, <5=F). For checkins, missing one yields a B, two or more an F on that grade.