Broader comments:
- So a maximum of 10 or so weeks/Mondays for this? I.e. three full faculty critique weeks, and might want to leave open Monday or Thanksgiving week as open session prior to final deliverables (and many may go out of town early).
- Prioritizing/categorizing which things could easily be pushed to spring semester, and which things are most crucial for them to learn/hear ASAP (as early as possible in fall).
- Not all of them, but I think many of the talks would benefit from exercises/group activities afterward. See monetization group brainstorming suggestion.
- Some topics probably have parallel courses on campus (like ITP476: Technologies for Interactive Marketing), so might be able to get a professor to give a mini-lecture on an overlap topic. These type of workshops would be particularly useful in D_M where, as juniors, they would have time to go take the parallel course on campus for deeper knowledge and experience.
- Might be useful to expose students to industry tools for thinks like surveys, marketing, etc. Give them a head-start on learning software they might need once they go pro (start-up or corporate).