Accounting 102
Review of basic accounting needed by the early stage startup. Accounting principles, vocabulary, forms, and Excel skills.
Advertising on Social Media for (advanced) Beginners
Soup to nuts, how to.
Before You Crowdfund
Why/why not? When? How to prepare for an ask? How to prepare for success?
Contact and Customer Relation Management Tools for Beginners
What is it? Why is it important? When to start? How to start? How to pick a tool?
Contracts 101
A "What you need to know about…" Talk
Creating Compelling Copy
A hands-on workshop covering brainstorming taglines, crafting opening sentences, and editing copy for punch.
Data Visualization for Narrative
Using data visualization as a tool to communicate a narrative. This narrative can be used in presenting arguments, emphasizing the scale of facts, and creating a convincing perspective on a subject matter.
Disciplined Brainstorming for Getting Unstuck
Brainstorming is NOT a natural act. Some techniques for structuring highly productive divergent creativity sessions in groups or alone.
Empathy, Research, and Documentation
We will review research methods relevant to the array of projects being done in the class and workshop our research statement for phase 2 of the course.

A critical and creative examination of failure. Not just dealing with failure, but learning not to be failure averse and how to make creative use of failure
First Encounter with Funding
How to prepare for and excel during your first meeting with a potential funder/investor.
Framing and Reframing
In this workshop we will revisit and practice the arts of framing and reframing problems with a focus on the projects being undertaken by members of the class.

From Problems Toward Solutions
In this workshop we will motivate wide search for solutions on the foundation of the problem as now understood. Presenters will draw on practical problem solving know-how and apply it to problems being addressed by student projects. Participants will generate expanded solution space maps for their problems and incorporate these into their project work plans.

How to Create and Analyze a Survey
From item construction to factor analysis. All the things that matter.
How to Give Better Meeting
Best practices for running and participating in team meetings that do not waste people's time but do get things done.
How to Propose a Project to Viterbi CS Capstone Course
Get a team of talented USC CS students to work on your project as their capstone experience.
Innovation in Organizations
What’s Astro Teller got for you? A workshop on the innovation strategy ideas of the head of Google X
Iteration Forwarding Criticism, How To Give
How to prepare for and participate in a "workshopping your project" session.
Market Research Refresher
In this workshop we will review material on market research with a focus on grappling with the "what exists" challenges posed by projects being undertaken by class members.

Methods Toolbox Sessions
A workshop in which we present and practice and add to your tool box six new methods of creative problem solving.

Monetization Menagerie
Dozens of ways people have monetized things
My Experience in... Sessions
A focused conversation with someone about their experience in something relevant to what we are doing.
On Materials
Based on needs of projects we will have a workshop/presentation on more advanced questions around materials. Workshop will include project specific materials research tasks as deliverables for end of the week.
Presentational Dexterity
How to give a presentation as an elevator speech, an investor pitch, a lighting talk, a TED talk, a pechakucha, a 5 by 15 talk, etc.
Rapid Prototyping Redux
Prototyping as experimentation. Why, when, how to prototype and how to collect systematic feedback to prototypes.
Statistical Tools for the Innovator
Six techniques from intro statistics that will save your a$$ over and over again.
Structure and Storytelling
A workout session for your narrative muscles
Structured Ethnographic Interviewing
How to use free listing, pilesorts, and triad tests to investigate cognitive domains and how to analyze the resulting data.
Supply Chains: A Practical (Re-)Introduction
Ten things the innovator ought to know now rather than later.
Talk to a Lawyer Session
Team can signup for a one-on-one consulting session with a lawyer of X background to answer questions specific to their project.
Technology Topics
Intensive, but brief, popUp trainings in particular technology topics of specific utility to particular projects.
Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, and Creative Commons
A "What you need to know about…" talk.
Web Page Stats Refresher
A refresher on collecting and analyzing page visit stats.