TBA/Project Dependent

Business Pro Formas Revised

Business Pro Formas Draft

Project Advisor Check-In Confirmation
Team prepares summary of weekly check in conversation and sends to advisor who forwards to lead faculty. It should address the following:

  1. What was due this week? What is its status? Who saw it? What feedback?
  2. What hours did team members spend on what? Specify what time went to things due this week, what time went to things due later, what time spent on other or unanticipated project related activities.
  3. What's next?

Semester Two Plan Draft
This deliverable includes an on-paper roadmap covering the next 15 weeks of work. It needs to be specific in terms of laying out the team's milestone dates and associated objectives and key results along the way. A Gantt chart showing outstanding tasks, dependencies, and task-assignments should also be completed.

Semester Two Plan
This deliverable includes an on-paper roadmap covering the next 15 weeks of work. It needs to be specific in terms of laying out the team's milestone dates and associated objectives and key results along the way. A Gantt chart showing outstanding tasks, dependencies, and task-assignments should also be completed.

#Wheredidthetimego? (Saturday 11:59pm or advisor meeting)
Each week each GX participant will fill out a simple time record indicating what hours were spent on what aspects of their GX project. The purpose of this reporting is (1) to maintain self awareness about where one's time is going, how much time one is devoting to GX, and what parts of the project are taking how much time, and (2) to maintain "public" (within team and class) accountability for our time/effort.

Milestone 4 Meeting (before Friday 5:00pm)

Milestone 3 Meeting (before Friday 5:00pm)

Milestone 2 Meeting (before Friday 5:00pm)

Milestone 1 Meeting
Milestone 1 is the wrap up of the getting organized phase of the course - the first two weeks. Each team should meet with faculty project advisor at mutual convenience toward the end of week 2.

The overall objectives for phase one of the course are

  1. get team stuff worked out
  2. have plans for phase 2 (the research phase)
  3. have thought about the whole semester/project

Under these objectives we have the following “measurable results” or deliverables:

  1. team comms and conversation has happened, people demonstrably on same page;
  2. a (written) research plan for the next phase – what needs finding out and how is it going to be found out; # a sketch of a lean canvas for the project
  3. written objectives and results/deliverables with dates, amounts, etc. for phase 2
  4. a zeroth draft sketch of objectives for other milestones to the degree that they can be imagined at this point in the semester

The point of "measurable" results is that the advisor, as evaluator, can, in conversation with the team, say to what degree they have been achieved (that is, zero to 100%). This is easier with some results than others, but the point is to establish accountability for real "do-ables."

The alignment of objectives - more abstract descriptions of where the pieces of the project need to get to - and the activities and observable/measurable results is a dialectical process. Deliberately so. We want to be moving back and forth between "what are we trying to accomplish here" and "what are we actually doing."

After advisor and team have assessed the observable/measurable results, you turn to the objectives and rate each one as meeting, exceeding, or falling short of expectations at this milestone. And, obviously, some thinking and planning should be done around those where we fall short of expectations.

Milestone Meeting

Project Check In (Friday 5:00pm)
Description Here

Team Determined Deliverable
Deliverable mapped out with OKRs and milestones in conjunction with project advisor.

MVP/Deliverable 0.0 (by critique schedule)

Design Journey Blog (Saturday 11:59pm)
Teams will maintain a design process "blog" throughout the course of the Garage Experience. Real-time updates are encouraged, but weekly ones will be required. The purpose is to encourage accountability and continuous reflection on the process, to provide a vehicle for learning from one another, and to give project advisors an easy way to keep up with progress in between face-to-face meetings.

You can choose any platform you like as long as it is straightforward to give all of your peers and instructors easy access to read and comment.

Slide Deck
Submitted to online dropbox prior to class session

Revised Proposal
Revise the proposal that was approved in the spring in light of changes in plans since then and your initial conversation with project advisor.

Revised proposal should include an initial sketch of your your semester OKRs.

Research Needs And Plans
What do you need to find out? How will you do so? By when? How will you record and preserve the information?

Reframing Exercises
Writeup of the exercises from the reframing workshop.

Problem Version 0.2 (by critique schedule)
A short narrative describing how you conceive of your problem now that you've lived with it (even if only passively) over the last few months. Let's in particular focus on the who - who has this problem and what do you know about them?

Workshop Briefing Materials for Classmates
If you are "on" for the next class session you must post by the deadline prior to that session materials that indicate where you are, where you are going, etc. There will be a template and online destination for this material. The rest of the class is expected to read over your material prior to the next session.

Popin Requests
Members of the Garage have opportunity to request/suggest topics for popIn lectures/trainings/workshops.

Map out your milestone objectives and your measurable key results for each milestone check in.


Materials And My Project
Building on the "On Materials" workshop, each team will have a project specific materials related deliverable.

I Read The Syllabus
Based on syllabus and class introduction there will be a few bits of housekeeping such as establishing a BlackBoard presence for your project/team, etc.

From Problems Toward Solutions Slide Deck
Post your "From Problems, Toward Solutions" slide deck to the Garage collaboration space before class. All presentations to be run off version stored there.

Collegial Feedback
At our "workshopping your project" sessions non-presenters are expected to engage critically and vigorously with presenters and to provide them with serious feedback. Each member of the class is expected to post comments for presenters. Your posts should explicitly address

  • Things I liked
  • Things I had questions or concerns about
  • Things to think about for next time

Billable Hours Report
Each week Garage members are expected to account for the time spent on Garage projects. You should report when, how long, and what you were working on along with totals. This will be digitally incorporated into the Process Blog.

Personalized Milestones
Milestones are to be adjusted to each individual's or team's project. The timeline does not change - there will be a milestone for each of the designated weeks - and the general purpose does not change, but the content might. You will be establishing OKR's with your advisor and the course instructor and these will be a part of your personalized milestones.These will be recorded in writing and available digitally to team members, advisor, and instructor.

Gantt Chart
Create a Gantt chart for your project. It should include a table of tasks listing dependencies and expected durations AND a graphic representation