Faculty Deployment

GOAL: staff the course in a manner that yields an awesome learning experience and is both efficient and pedagogically sound.

Starting point: per USC guidelines an 8 unit course would have 100 contact hours for 15 week semester. In the same system, 1 unit of contact would correspond to 12.5 contact hours.

The lead instructor will be in-class 3.5x2x15=105 hours. On a .60|.40 profile that yields 210 prep/eval hours for 8 unit instructor and 25 prep/eval hours for 1 unit instructor.

Some fraction of lead instructor eval time deployed as project advice outside of class.

We will work of the model of one unit of teaching being about 12.5 hours of contact and 25 hours of prep/eval with much of the prep/eval being in person critique for this class.

A faculty project advisor will hold 5 regularly scheduled milestone assessment meetings with her/his student/team during the semester for 30 minutes. We will expect this to be coupled with an additional 5 hours of presentation evaluation and 3.5 hours hours of contact during the semester.

Faculty project sponsors meet formally in 30 minute tutorial sessions with their students/teams during weeks 1,2,5,9,12,14. On the assumption that we have 20 projects this translates into
3 contact hours for each student
60 total faculty-hours
in addition we have 2.5 hours on first day of semester and 2.5 hours for presentations at the end of the semester.
If this were distributed evenly among 3 faculty members this adds up to 25 contact hours each - the equivalent of 2 units of teaching.
All told, then, we would be deploying 3.5 teaching units.
This does not include mentoring from the outside.

Course coordinator with multiple mentors? ("industry experts" are a different category)

Committee of instructors? ("industry experts" are a different category)

TA who handles nitty gritty? Course teacher of record who coordinates other instructors/mentors?

Does design of course require a certain amount of student self management? We build that in both as expectation and teachable moment.

What will be the role of faculty mentors? They won't need to be domain experts. So, how many projects can one person be "advisor" on before it starts looking like too much of a load?

Let's build the course around the idea that there are 15 projects.

Need infrastructure that allows each instructor to convey what s/he is good at - don't require that all are good at everything, but fill in the gaps where folks are not inclined toward a necessary function. Play to strength but do so but having a support infrastructure.

Establish "minimum common denominator" for what faculty do. Variation is OK, but should be consensual expectations of a minimum set of doings. E.g., we agree to get feedback, grades, etc. back in a set amount of time, we all agree to be early/on time to class meetings to set example, etc. Protocol.

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