1. Lead instructors in the Garage every M & W 10:30-1:30. All presentations and critiques. In some cases workshops and/or presentations, in some cases managing logistics of team meetings, in some cases on call by appointment or drop in when available.
  2. Faculty project advisors
    1. (optional flash presentations Wednesday week 1 10:30-11:30.
    2. About the course session 11:30-noon Wednesday of week 1.
    3. “Launch” meeting, 30-60 minutes, with each team noon Wednesday of week 1.
    4. 60 minute meeting with teams in/around Garage at milestones 1 (week 2), 2 (5), 3 (9), 4 (13) and 5 (15). The final meeting of the semester would be retrospective assessment of the entire semester and articulation of plans for semester two. It might blend with the first meeting of the spring semester
    5. Weekly check-in contact with each team. Time and medium determined by mutual agreement. Working assumption is 30-60 minutes of contact time.
  3. Unit Faculty
    1. Attendance at one of two “multi-faculty critique sessions” (estimating 3 hours each time) at weeks 4 and 10.
    2. Attend at designated sessions of midterm critique and final presentations (estimating 3-6 hours each time)