The semester is split into five phases. We expect individual projects will proceed at different paces, but that we will be able to connect each one to these basic rhythms:

  • Phase 1: Startup (2 weeks) - getting organized and settled, team building, planning work
  • Phase 2: The problem version 0.2 (3 weeks) - research and focusing
  • Phase 3: Deliverable 0 (4 weeks) - proof of concept, ultra minimal viable product
  • Phase 4: Bell Laps (4 weeks) - the heavy lifting and rocket science part of the semester
  • Phase 5: December (2 weeks) - en charrette on the way to final presentations

Phase 1: Startup

  • Weds W1: “Launch Meeting” Faculty project advisors meet with all their teams at once to talk about expectations, checkin styles/schedules, accountability, etc.
  • Workshop on empathy, research, and documentation
  • Milestone meeting with advisors

Phase 2: The Problem 0.2

  • Goal: arry out the research that is necessary to understand your problem, identify the desirable, viable, and feasible directions you will take it, etc. By the end of phase two we want projects to have achieved a level of focus that will allow in-depth exploration in phase 3.
  • We begin the phase with peer advice sessions as a way of cross-fertilizing ideas and building intra-cohort project solidarity - engaging students minds on what one another are up to.
  • Workshop TBA in the middle of the phase and it ends with a faculty critique session just before the milestone so that students can get a final bit of input to their reformulation of the problem.

Phase 3: Deliverable 0

Goal: to get to whatever version of “proof of concept” or “ultra minimal viable product” or “prototype 0” makes sense for a given project.

Phase 4: Bell Laps

The heavy lifting and rocket science. Making progress and making something.

Phase 5: December

Goal: Final push to wrap up and make semester one coherent achievement and position project for semester 2 work.