Law4All Creatives

A practical-knowledge course for students on a trajectory to work in the creative professions. Taught by law school faculty this course will teach creative professionals when they do and do not "need a lawyer," how to pro-actively think about legal issues in connection with their professional practice, and how to help the legal profession to help them to accomplish their business/professional goals, avoid legal problems, and resolve those that come up.

Topics include entity formation, intellectual property, contracts, regulation, insurance and liability, hiring help.

For each topic we work through definitions, touchstone conceptual frameworks (how does the creative professional best think about this topic?), when in various creative trajectories one ought to begin engaging with legal issues, the shape of the problem landscape (what are we trying to avoid) and the opportunity landscape (what do we want to facilitate). Throughout we emphasize how to be a partner in a lawyering-as-enabling relationship.