OBJECTIVE Description Meets Expectations Falls Short of Expectations
Establish research plan for phase 2 What don't you know that you need to know? How will you find out? All components completed in professional memo Still mucking about.
Result Measurement/Evaluation
R1 Exhaustive list of unknowns sensibly organized. Done and content is solid/less than done and/or less than solid
R2 Priorities, methods, timetables, and analytical plans. Usable workplan on paper/less than that
  1. What do we not know about the needs of users?
  2. What do we not know about who else is working on things like this?
  3. What do we not know about the state of the art?
  4. What do we not know about numbers, demographics, etc.?
  5. What do we know know about the economics of this thing?
  6. What science don't we know?
  7. Who does know these things?
  8. What should our research priorities be?

Sample Research Plan

"Three Word Title"
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