Proposal Format (3-5 pages total)

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Abstract(150 words)

What do you propose to do? Why is the problem worth solving? Why do you think you are in a position to tackle it? What sorts of solutions do you imagine you might come up with?

Introduction What’s the general area of human experience for this project? What’s the 27,000 foot view? What motivates your interest in it? What sort of substantive background do you bring to work in this problem area? How did you arrive at this project idea? How long have you been working on it? What else did you consider? Why did you reject other options?

Problem: Pain What problems/challenges do people experience here? How do you know? Who are they?

Solution: Gain What benefit could a solution to these problems provide? What would it take for someone to want to buy or adopt such a solution? What difference would you hope to make?

Academy-ness Why is this an Academy Garage project? How will it let you show what you have learned?

Novelty Why is this not just more of the same? Why hasn’t someone already tackled this problem in the manner you have in mind? Where do you think your intellectual property (IP) will reside?

Tangible Form or Artifact What forms do you imagine, at this point, your project might take? An app? A marketing campaign? A physical object? A service? A new form of matter?

Research What don’t you know? What are you going to need to find out? How do you plan to do so?

Physical Resources What, at the outset, resources do you think you will require? Space? Equipment? Supplies?

Human Resources What sorts of expertise beyond those you possess do you expect will be needed to attack this problem? What industry partners would be useful or essential to this project? What challenges do you anticipate finding, recruiting, and working with this expertise?

Education Why is this a good way for YOU to spend a significant part of your senior year?

Some places to look for problems worth solving

the environment
news media and bubbles
family planning
STEM education
orphan drugs
artificial intelligence
soldiers in combat
organ donation
legal design lab
sustainability and innovation

sanitation in developing world
public health
wasteful packaging
human rights of workers in supply chain
urban transit

girls’ education in other countries
retirement savings
justice innovation in developing world
workers displaced by automation
fresh water
nuclear proliferation
urban sprawl
Citizens United