Who needs what why?
Seeing pain and envisioning gain (45 minutes)
READING: on problems worth solving, types of problems, etc.

Why would a mousetrap improvement make people beat a path to your door? The goal of this workshop is to rehearse our “pain and gain” reflex. We want to get into the head of someone else and identify the pain we might address and the benefit that a good innovation could provide.

This workshop builds on homework done after workshop 1.

We will use areas generated in previous workshop - their own and others’ - as starting points to riff on the prompt “Since people in W struggle with X what if you could Z” or “what if there were a way to…”

What pain? Whose pain? What gain? Why not same?
For a set of problem areas we will propose problems that are worth solving. Then we will subject them to claims about pain, gain, same in pitch and catch format.
Sketch out in format used today 3 potential project areas for yourself.
Avoiding Wantrepreneurship.