(W-MDTeam) Ability to speak, listen, and co-create across discipline-based conceptual boundaries.

In addition to our expectation that Academy students become disciplinarily ambidextrous (able to see and think and do as designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs), we cultivate the arts of disciplinary humility ("you don't need me, you need a "), constructive complementarity (the ability to integrate one's insights and contributions with those of colleagues without falling into a simple division of labor ("that's a design problem, let the designer do it.")), creative encouragement (in which individuals cultivate and encourage one another's creativity), communicative fluency (ability to talk about your technical specialty in terms that those not in your specialty can understand and the ability to not be made blind or deaf to language from outside your specialty), and collegial candor (in which teammates can depend on one another to say what they are thinking, to see for one another, and are able to hear and accept this from one another).