Project: Bee (Flight Check)

Luke McGartland
Semester II Update and Aspirations
Status of Your Project (as of 1.8.18)
Update (recap where you were in December, what’s happened since)

Full beta of iOS app is almost complete. DM me for an invite.
Includes stories, contests, and preliminary storefront.
Android build is at 90% of iOS app.
Web build is 80% of iOS app.
Built preliminary scraper to pull content from the web for beta testing.
What’s the End of Semester Vision at this Moment
Company launched (what do you mean by that?)? Initial capital acquired to permit work to continue after graduation? Working model in the hands of potential users? Turn in your last assignment and get on with something else?

By end of semester have at least 50 paying brands on board.
Launch of iOS, Android, and Web applications.
Build early version of knowledge graph to analyze data from users.